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The Weekend Prodigal Son

mareklamong bata on the loose

bogs orial
10 April
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I'm more complicated than you think. A bipolar. I may not want the things I have today, I may want them tomorrow.

I am self absorbed. Im a big bitch (literally and figuratively). I want to get people's approval about things and such but once I've gathered them I'd soon find out that I'd still do it my way anyway.

I don't do well with strangers. I act differently in the presence of strangers. But on the other hand, I am wacky, insane, stupid, crazy when I'm with my friends.

I am a fence sitter most of the time. If I don't have to decide I let the people around me decide what they want.

I am not tech-savvy.

I'm Mr. Waterworks. Sit with me on a good film I'll cry my ass off.

I say what I want no matter who you are.

I joke a lot too.

I've been working for almost 5 years and I'm only on my early 20's.

I love being alone. Alone over coffee, a movie, shopping, working out. I love being alone with my thoughts and thinking how I can improve my way of life (not, that it's bad).

I smoke a lot. Drink A LOT.

My personal life is my personal life. I don't talk about it that much because I believe I can resolve my personal conflicts (We can talk about yours though).

I am different. I may look normal, but I'm different. I am more complicated than you think.