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February something, 2013
I haven't written anything in a while and I think there's some perfect reasoning behind it.

I will still not update.

I am just more confused than ever.

September 7, 2012
I am writing this exactly 13 days after my boyfriend left the country to study overseas. You may want to ask what took so long for me to write this. Why didn't I start it the day after he left. Or why didn't I start this before he left. It was because I wasn't sure yet if I wanted to do this to me. To us. To me and him. To give myself a hard time, when I can find someone who will never leave the country (or even the city) just to be with me. I am writing this now because after 13 days of being "alone/not-alone ", I realized that this person loves me and i love him. I realized that that is enough. I am writing this now because I wasn't sure 13 days ago. But I am now. I am writing this now because I am willing to wait. I am willing to wait 2 years.

2 years is nothing compared to the life that I pictured that I will have with him. 2 years is shit.

And now I speak to you directly my love, we are happiness. We may be thousands of miles away from each other, but I want you to know that my heart is with you wherever you go. I am waiting for your return.

August 1, 2012
Dear Stranger,

Today is is the 1st of August and i decided to write to you because there is really no one I can talk to right now. To fully understand the current situation i am in, there's a lot to tell you, but have decided not to just yet.

The person that i have been spending the last 4 months with is going away for 2 years to study. i think i am too attached to this person, so i guess it's a good thing that he is going away. but that's 2 years, that's "too" away. In any case i really don't know how i should feel. i am happy that he is following whatever it is he needs (or wants) to do but at the same time it's sad that i wont get to see him, or touch him, or talk to him face-to-face like i used too. this is definitely some kind of separation anxiety.

And oh, all of this thinking made me forget that it was our 4th month last July 30th.



Hong Kong (day2)

Day 2. This is breakfast.

Decided to dress up. This is the best I can do. New shoes by the way (topman scarf and longsleeves, tyler pants, bossini shoes = 300 in pesos!).

the ride to disney (consistent)

And disneyland!!! So fun. :p

Space mountain. I had 2 servings of this.

The golden mickeys. I had a feeling this'd be boring (rest for me then. Time to write)

I even teared up a bit, to be honest.

Next: lion king.

So many pinoys. I even think nala is Anna Fegi (wasn't holding the camera here, hence the blurry shots. Peace sis. Lol)

Lunch was here. Banquet hall.

Minnie orial, Minnie mouse, enzo, and me!

The ultimate validation that you went to Disneyland. A photo with MICKEY MOUSE.

It's a small world.

This is it for Disneyland. i dont wanna ruin it for you guys.

Day 3 to follow!

Hong Kong (day1)

left the house around 2:30 eventhough my flight isn't gonna happen 
until 5:40. But knowing Cebu pacific the flight would probably get 

Here's sis paying travel tax

and going back to the check in area to get our boarding pass (why the 
run-around?) the guys in line actualy asked us why we cut the line. 
She explained herself very well in this photo.

Enzo and sis tying their shoes after the last check-in.

The airport's deserted at this time (I can't bilibit)

The only good thing to eat at around here this time (4am-ish), is this.
That's my hand carry and the very lively crew of seattle's best (not 
kidding, they really were).

An hour to burn.
Here's sis' breakfast (or late snack)

Here's mine.

Look at the no space aircraft

And touchdown!!! The airport is NEAT!!!
(wanted to take photos of their restroom but it was packed so it'll be 
weird if I did)


The timing here is accurate

Me and sis

you can stow your bags (just keep an eye on them)

They let you know where you are (tanga ka na lang talaga pag nawala ka 

What's shown on the MTR telly (lacoste fashion show)

Central is so busy!!! Super fast paced. I super like

We got lost in one street. 19-21 a number I won't freaking forget

The room and bath (very tiny :p)

Lunch was chic (pizza hut-upgraded look). We were supposed to eat at 
some fancy-schmanzy restaurant but we got lost on all the chinese 
characters on the menu

Then causeway bay

Then mong kok.

Lo and behold the night market

Dinner. This place is so Chinese, the Chinese would hate it.

And I rest. My feet hurts

lima's first bath!!!

Okay, first things first, i am now a dog owner. I named my 4-month old shih-tzu LIMA. As in Lima, Peru not lima the tagalog word for five.

The breeder gave the pup to me on her third month because they cannot take care of the dogs in their house anymore because the owner and his wife both now have jobs. Hence, i took Lima earlier than what we talked about o5 months). I wastold as well not to bathe the pup until she reaches her 4th month... and if i can still stand it, he said, wait 5 months before bathing her.

I was like, "okay. can't be that bad." But man was i wrong. 3 weeks after lima was lima-stinky. So i promised my nanay (read: Mom) that I'd take Lima t a grooming salon on her 4th month (1st month with us).

I found out from chuvaness.com that there was a pet salon near Rockwell area and being a believer of her taste (she actually recommends a lotta good stuff in her blogs), i called the pet salon and scheduled an appointment.

I got to the salon around 5:10pm. Asked about their rates (mind you, THEY ARE VERY AFFORDABLE), and then i told myself, "I can be a regular here. The staff is friendy. It's near where Lima is staying. You can call them to go to your place and have your dog groomed and all." So overall the experience was very very very pleasant.

I got to talk t the owner while i wait for lima to get done ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THE OWNER AND I WENT TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL. SHE WAS AHEAD OF ME BY2 YEARS AND WE HAVE A LOT OF COMMON FRIENDS. After that I have decided, this is where Lima will get all her grooming services done. I'm SOLD!

Some photos of lima's beautification:


NAIL Clipping

Nose Hair Clipping


Visit Clean Paws Manila at #78 Unit F Estrella cor. Zodiac St. Bel-air Village Makati 1209 or Contact them at 6684708 and 0999-551-PET-1 so they can come to you and have your pet groomed.
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Dream Job (-ish)
you know how it is when you're in kindergarten (or as filipinos would say, "kindergarden"), and your semi-scary teacher with bad nail polish (it was the 90's, so yes, they were scary and they needed makeovers) asks you what you want to be when you grow up. Usually you'd hear your schoolmate say:

"i want to be an astronaut" : for kids who were filthy rich when they were born.

"gusto ko pong maging doktor para makapag gamot ng mahihirap" (cue uhog or kamot sa ulo kasi may lisa) : for the kids who were born free (walang bayad ng pinanganak). in short, masa (yours truly. #pa-humble)

some kids would say, a teacher, soldier, policeman (alam mo nang suwapang bata pa lang), the president of the philippines (asa). Those were the choices when i was a kid.

when i was asked that question during the early years of my schooling (say kinder hanggang grade 3), i always had the same answer. "Maging artista. Sumikat ng malala."

i knew what i wanted to be when i was a kid. i wanted to be famous. i didn't care about the money basta sumikat lang ako. SOLB!

i knew what i had to do. mag pa expose. vtr shit, auditions or whatever... NEVER ATTENDED ANY (i felt na madidiscover lang ako all of a sudden... cue crickets).

when i got to high school i told myself, "asa ka pang sumikat ka! you're barely 5 ft tall, dark (the 90's favored the mestizos), curly haired, and appeal-free (walang appeal). so i told myself, aim lower.

change of plans. i now wanted to be a news anchor or a field reporter. So i took up communication arts back up my 2nd dream. 2 years after college, THE DRAMA ANTHOLOGY BEGINS. you know those sob stories as to how one minor stops going to college because it's expensive and that there's no money to support his studies? that almost happened to me, minus the sobbing. well, there was a little sobbing but it stopped after i realized it ain't gonna do anything (for me that's like 3 minutes of duh-rama).

so i started working for a local call center company that was later on bought and backed by a multi-googillion telecommunications company and stayed there for the next 6 years. FINE! 7 years.

figuring out my next move, i got hooked to sex and the city and devil wears prada. and then it happened!!! i wanted to be in PR and or be an assistant to someone really powerful (3rd dream job, aim lower-er). All i needed to do is to be organized (meaning organize my own sh*t) before i can start organizing someone else' stuff (i normally would say shit but it may cost me something).

During my stay in my present workplace i've hosted and organized (big and small) parties, awards ceremonies, recognition events, team building stuff..etc that seem to have, you know, kinda leverage for what i really really wanted to do. but that's counted as extra curricular lang. During those times i moved from one department to another (for the work thing) and doing the party and the "extra curricular" at the same time.

i was almost convinced that it ain't gonna happen anymore. to just focus on the work at hand and forget about the dream job.
(dream 1: nada. dream 2: zero. dream 3: going to zero. strike 3 your out as they say).

i mean c'mon bogs you never finished college, your a bitch (with enemies), you're impatient, and most of all you're disorganized and have an issue with coming in on time
. That's it dreamings over. no one noticed. but at least you have a stable job. (sumeself-pity mode)

BUT LO AND BEHOLD, an old officemate approached me and asked me if i wanted to be someone's (read: VICE PRESIDENT) executive assistant. i was like, "yeah, put my name in the mix." 

you would not believe what's happening in my head that time. picture this, my conscience (the bad one talking to me and the good one buffing his nails looking away)

bad conscience:
"CALM DOWN YOU SICK MORON, there's still interview
good conscience: "sing it!"
bad conscience: "what made you think you're qualified? you're just a loud mouth. that's it"
good conscience: "sing it girl"

so pretty much my conscience (the good and the bad) were on the same boat.

i told them to suck it! i told myself, "last chance mo na to man. don't screw it up"

so the interview happened. there were 3 of us in the pool.
contestant number 1: me (an unexperienced loud drunk man)
contestant number 2: a very pretty girl/boy with a good EA background
contestant number 3: an actual EA working for the other VP

who got the job?

What's awkward is when your friend (worst, your housemate), whom you share a lot of stuff with suddenly writes on your ex's Facebook wall and says, "i miss you."

where the fuck are your manners?


complaining is the last thing on my mind.
but can i just say,
I am tired of waiting for you.

all falls down
random: Are you Ciara's schoolmate in High school?

me: yeah

random: i'm ___________. remember me?

me: oh my god!!!

both: play catch up.

random: let's get outta here.

me: i can't. my friends are inside (the club) and i have the keys to our place.

random: give the keys to them and then we'll leave.

me: errr...

random: you don't want to leave with me?

me: (thought bubble: i don't want to leave with you) but blabbed, "no it's not that"

random: you look good. you look bad ass.

me: and you look the same.

****CRICKETS***** (AKA akward silence)

me: what's my name by the way.

random: oh my i forgot.

me: here's the deal. you remember my name, i'll go out with you. if you don't then this is it.

random: message me.. here's my number.

me: sent

random: i'll text you later.

me: (i saw my friend called him out) gotta go!

random: pulled me. and planted a kiss on me.


***later that day

text message (summed up but here's the gist): you are ronnel orial. your kiss is so good.






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